University of Leeds BEng (Hon) Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours)

From high-tech operating theatres and biomaterials to medical wearables and implant technologies, medical engineers play a crucial part in the evolution of modern healthcare. Bridging the gap between engineering and medicine through a multidisciplinary approach – medical engineering solutions combine knowledge of the body with engineering principles, technology, mechanics and innovation to develop tools for the medical community to improve the health and wellbeing of the population. The next generation of medical engineers will help to advance healthcare performance and outcomes, not only through innovative new treatment approaches but also in monitoring, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of patients. Studying medical engineering at Leeds will open up a whole world of opportunities for your career. You’ll develop your abilities, knowledge and skills across the full range of medical engineering disciplines, from the fundamentals of design and manufacture to fluid dynamics. You’ll also have scope to specialise in fields that interest you, such as joint replacement technology, biomaterials and tissue engineering. Our degree programmes are recognised internationally and we are known for developing world-leading medical engineers who help meet the challenges facing the healthcare sector. We are closely linked with the Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering which provides a platform for clinical research and at the University, and our active Industrial Advisory Board helps inform the development of this course to ensure that it is up-to-date with industry developments and requirements. This is why our graduates are so in demand by industry, and why our course is accredited by the leading professional bodies. This is a practical course, so you’ll benefit from specialist facilities including extensive lab space and equipment, our high-spec CAD cluster for design work, and workshop facilities for various rapid prototyping systems. You’ll also develop your programming skills in industry standard languages like LabVIEW, giving you everything you need to get started on your career in mechanical engineering.

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